Established in 1987 the Kingston Crows Cricket Club was originally known as the Kingston Beach Cricket Club and played its Channel Cricket Association home games at Woodbridge due to the lack of available grounds around the Kingston area.


In 1989 the club relocated to the Lightwood Park #2 oval and submitted a team into both the A and B grade competitions. Instant success was seen with two premierships being awarded to the club. The club was represented by a C grade team which was entered into the "Ted Tylutki Cup". 


The club officially changed its name to the Kingston Crows Cricket Club in 1993. 


In 1999 the club officially opened its new "Nest" with the development of new clubrooms overlooking their playing oval. By that stage the club had experienced success in all grades taking out a total of seven premierships in its short history, one in A Grade, three in B Grade and three in C Grade.


As the size of the community continued to grow so did the club with the 1999/2000 season seeing the inclusion of an under 15s team and a side in the Women’s Cricket competition. A second side in the B Grade competition followed in the next season. 


The club was on the verge of its most successful period to date as the Channel and Huon Cricket Associations looked to merge to form the competition now known as the HCCA. 


2002/2003 saw the club take out its second under 15s premiership with C Grade adding to their trophy cabinet. Three premierships in the 2003/2004 season were followed by another two in the following year 2004/2005.  The 2005/2006 season saw A grade take the chocolates for the third year in a row, B grade made it two from the past three seasons and C Grade an unprecedented four in a row. B Grade continued to add to the clubs success in the 2007/2008 season as did the under 15s.


It should be mentioned that the Crows won the last CCA A Grade Premiership in 2003/2004 and the first HCCA A Grade Premiership in 2004/2005.


At the conclusion of the 2008/2009 season the club had won four A Grade, six B Grade, seven C Grade and two under 15 premierships. The club was well positioned as one of the more successful clubs in recent times within the region in a competition that is regarded as the premier competition outside of the TCA and NTCA.

As the popularity of the T20 format grew around the globe the inaugural HCCA T20 was held during the 2007/2008 season. The club was successful and won the competition. The following season the club was also successful in the shorter form of the game and progressed onto the statewide championship which saw us make it through to the semifinals.

The 2009/2010 T20 state-wide championship saw the club progress through to the quarter finals where we were defeated by a star studded TCA side the North Hobart Cricket Club including the likes of state players Dan Marsh, Michael Dighton and Michael DiVenuto.

2009/2010 also saw the club field a team in each of the four grade competitions. The year was considered a success with all four teams featuring in their respective Grand Finals. This period produced two flags with our B1 and C2 grade teams coming home with the silverware. This was also the first year the Club entered teams in CricketTas Junior Schoolboys competition with 2 teams submitted.

The following year saw a large number of players leave the club in the off season which affected our ability to field four teams as we had done previously. Due to the quality of players remaining at the club the decision was made to move away from the traditional A, B and C grades and put teams into the A, B1 and B2 competitions to further develop those younger players who had progressed the previous year. All three teams featured in the finals but unfortunately no one represented the club in the big dance. It had been a long time since the club was not represented in any grade Grand Final however the year was considered a success as players further developed their games in higher grades. Our 2nd team won the inaugural HCCA Division 2 T20 final. Our Junior teams grew from 2 to 4.

The 2011/2012 season saw the club gain the opportunity to return to our "spiritual home", the Kingston Beach oval. The opportunity was made possible with the development of the Twin Ovals project behind the Kingborough Sports Centre and joint tenancy was formed with the Kingborough Tigers Junior Football Club.


Due to issues in replacing the turf wicket at Kingston Beach with a traditional synthetic wicket as used by all Clubs in the HCCA it resulted in no games being actually played on the ground that season. However the opportunity was taken to hold a 25th Anniversary celebration in the Kingston Beach Clubrooms where amongst many celebrations, Philip “Bert” Sexton became the first Crow to be inducted to our Hall of Fame.


The delay with the pitch meant that season 2011/2012 was to be our last season at Lightwood Park. We culminated our farewell celebrations at that ground by hosting and winning the A Grade Premiership. B Grade had advanced to the finals being unbeaten but in a somewhat farcical finals setup were eliminated after losing just one game for the year, the Preliminary Final. This year also saw our Junior program advance with 6 teams participating for the Club.

2012/2013 finally saw us playing out of Kingston Beach and saw us defend our A Grade title and in doing so stage one of the great comebacks imaginable. It also meant that the Club had won the A Grade premiership in its last game at our old home and repeated that feat in their first year at the new home. Incredibly
B Grade, having finished 2nd on the ladder, suffered the exact same fate as the previous year. Fortunately the 2013/2014 season sees the Top 6 in B grade eliminated and traditional finals concepts returned. C Grade lost their last roster match to be “knocked” out of the finals race. Incredibly our Juniors reached an unprecedented 8 teams.


As an update, in 2017/18 the league took a different approach to the way it structured itself, with each grade being 1 grade until everyone had played each other once. From then, the top half split into the A1, B1 and C1 grades, and the bottom half split into A2, B2 and C2. with each side playing those in their grouping once again, before finals which remains as the top 4.


We have had some tougher times over the past few season with numbers and experience being an issue on some weekends, however the club is extremely pleased that all 3 sides remained in the top half of each grade, but unfortunately did not have any success in the finals campaigns.


We are looking forward to 2018/19 which will see the development of the new cricket nets with thanks to Sport & Rec as well as the Liberal Government for the grants and support as well as the Kingborough Council. We have a young crew again but are building a group of players who are enjoying their cricket.


Currently the Kingston Crows Cricket Club continue to field A, B & C grade teams, as well as several Junior Hurricane league teams.  The club prides itself on providing a safe, enjoyable and encouraging environment and one that is inclusive for all.